Work with us

Postdoctoral fellows and full-time researchers/technicians/engineers

We are open to recruit postdoctoral fellows and full-time researchers, technicians, and engineers. In particular, we enthusiastically identify colleagues to build devices, develop computational models, and reveal neural substrates correlated with brain function and dysfunction. Some job postings are here. Can’t find a post that fits you? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you are a great one.

Graduate students

We are recruiting graduate students for thesis work from Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto and Institute of Medical Science, Unviersity of Toront. For prospetive students, please submit your admission application directly to the department. For admitted students, please contact us for a lab visit and research discussion.

Undergraduate students (summer, co-op, and voluntary)

  • Each summer we participate in the summer student program at SRI Summer Student Research Program and Hurvitz Brain Sciences Summer Student Research Program. Please submit your application following the webpage instructions.
  • Sponsored by Mitacs Globalink fellowship, we invite undergraduate students from the world to join our research each summer.
  • We have been recruiting co-op students to join our research. If you are a co-op student, for example from Waterloo or UofT, and interested in our work, please send email to us.
  • Voluntary students are welcomed. Subjected to Sunnybrook’s policy, we are happy to discuss with your involvement as an on-site or remote volunteer for hardware development, data analysis, or neuroimaging data collection.

Voluntary involvement

A high school student? Or you are just excited about working with us in any way? Please contact us to see if we can invite you for any lab activities (subject to Sunnybrook’s policy and lab resources).

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